Sickness (Fin): “Daemones Sub Terra” CD


  • Genres: Death Metal
Available on: 01/12/2022 at 12:54
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That terrifying mass of death-oozing music that the group has christened “Daemones Sub Terra” undoubtedly falls among the dirtiest, rotten, darkest, most disturbing and scariest records that can be composed with the markings of Death Metal. Nine new tracks plus 21 tracks taken from demos for a total of THIRTY songs, almost an hour of breathless music. The cover art was done by Rok, the sound was carefully mastered in different formats to get the best possible sound on each medium, and as usual each piece sealed and latched with an OBI strip. The label is extremely proud to deliver an album that brings back a deep understanding of what Death Metal wanted to represent 30 years ago in the early days of its birth revisited in an increasingly cruel and ferocious key, keeping the claws firmly in the blood and bones.


Nuclear Abominations

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