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Introducing BIZARRE, a death metal band formed in the summer of 2015 by a group of friends from Barcelona, Madrid and Caceres. The band members, Funedëim, Obszen, Evilead and Uretra, are all passionate about old school death metal and pay tribute to bands from the 90s such as DEMIGOD, ADRAMELECH, INTESTINE BAALISM, ANASARCA and DEMILICH. Despite the distance between band members and their other band activities, they were able to release a demo of their song “Moldy and Decomposed” which received a great welcome from the public and the media. In November 2015, the band signed with Xtreem Music and began preparing their first studio work, “Inner Necropolis” which is a five-track EP, produced and partially recorded by Javi Félez from Moontower Studios. The EP features artwork by Raúl Gonzalez. The recording, mixing and mastering of “Inner Necropolis” was carried out in January 2016, featuring Mike Dormann from the German death metal band ANASARCA in the track “Asphyxiating Dark Memories”. Get your hands on this EP now as BIZARRE is preparing for the live presentation of “Inner Necropolis” and composing new material for their first full album, which will also be released by Xtreem Music.

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