Pulsating Putrefaction rex

As a huge fan of harsh noise and goregrind genres that won’t properly fit Nuclear Abominations, it was a natural step to create a label dedicated only to the most horrible, noisy, indescribable forms of music, Pulsating Putyrefaction is the bottom of the barrel, the most obscene and putrefying version of the most unlistenable, offensive and unclassifiable genres of music.

Weird formats, CDrs, tapes, anything too disturbing to fit Nuclear Abominations is going to fall down here.

Out Now

  • SCUM-001 Black Mass Of Absu (??): “Complete Discography 1995-2000” Cd
  • SCUM-005 Verminous Incubation (US): “Bleeding In Parasitic Union” tape
  • SCUM-006 FxRxCxBxTxAxPxIxTxLxOxRxP (Ger): untitled Cd-r

Next releases

  • SCUM-002 Fetus Demersus (Ita): “Gore Against Procreation” tape
  • SCUM-003 Necroblastoma (Ita): “Tumoral Dimensions Of The Putrefaction Antichrist” tape
  • SCUM-004 Catastrophic Blunt Force Intracranial Haemorrhage Fluid Leaking From Ruptured Eardrums (UK): t.b.a. tape (tba)



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