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Nuclear Abominations is Buio Omega’s internal label and deals with old, sewage sounding Death Metal, Goregrind and Black Metal. Future releases will be announced on the blog. 

At the pressing plant

Next releases

Below are the upcoming releases in approximate order of availability, since the pressing channels for cassettes, CDs and LPs are completely different and with completely different technical specifications, costs and distances to plants, it is not possible to define the release date with certainty yet. As soon as it is available (the product leaves the factory) it will be written on the label’s blog and Facebook page. Pre-orders will be available for some titles, but only when all pressing files have already been transferred to the factory and checked. Nuclear Abominations is a very small independent label, very dedicated but with limited resources, please bear with us if sometimes the timing is not as expected, everything will come out sooner or later.

  • NA 023CD Sickness (Fin): “Daemones Sub Terra” CD
  • NA 019CD Vomitmantik (Ita): “Devotio Ad Bestias” LP
  • NA 019LP Vomitmantik (Ita): “Devotio Ad Bestias” tape
  • NA 023LP Sickness (Fin): “Daemones Sub Terra” LP
  • NA 042 Fibrodysplasia (?): tape
  • NA 002CD General Surgery (Swe): demos CD
  • NA 018CD Necrolepsy (Fin): discography CD
  • NA 018LP Necrolepsy (Fin): discography LP
  • NA 024 Satanic Ritual (Bra): demo 7″ EP
  • NA 024 Abatuar (Pan): “Vejacion De La Bestia” tape
  • NA 024 Dysentery (Ger): “Bring Me No Tears” Lp
  • NA 012LP Rotting Flesh (Bra): “Mesologic Colliquative Effects Upon The Chronothanatognosis Methods Compendium” Lp

Previous releases

  • NA 001 Nefas (Ita): “Transfiguration to the Ancient’s Form” Cd Ep SOLD OUT
  • NA 002 General Sugery (Swe): demos complilation 2×7″ Eps SOLD OUT
  • NA 003 Karnarium (Swe): “Karnarium” 7″ Ep
  • NA 004 Neural Tube Defects (Ita): “Educhate” Cd
  • NA 005 Apocalypse Command (US-Fl): “Evil Necromancy” 7″ Ep
  • NA 006 Blasfematorio (Slv): “Before the Alters Of Death” Cd
  • NA 007 Anatomia/Gravesite (Ita/Jap): split 7″ Ep
  • NA 008 Euthanasia (Jap): “Discography” Cd
  • NA 009 Sickness (Fin) “Deus Maledictus Est” 7″ Ep
  • NA 010 Rotted (US-Il): “Pestilent Tomb” Lp
  • NA 011 Dead Fetus (USA): demo 1991 CD
  • NA 012 Rotting Flesh (Bra): “Mesologic Colliquative Effects Upon The Chronothanatognosis Methods Compendium” Cd  
  • NA 013 Adramelech (Fin): “Pure Blood Doom” Cd
  • NA 013 Adramelech (Fin): “Pure Blood Doom” LP
  • NA 015 Hetsheads (Swe): “…We Hail The Possessed” Lp  SOLD OUT
  • NA 016 Pharmacist (Jpn): “Medical Renditions Of Grinding Decomposition” LP
  • NA 017 Carnifex (Fin): “Pathological Rites” LP
  • NA020 Sadistic Drive (Fin): “Street Cannibal Gluttony” tape SOLD OUT
  • NA 021 Sickness (Fin): “Nidus Diaboli” tape
  • NA 022 Festerdecay (Jpn): “Carcasses Revenge” tape SOLD OUT
  • NA 023 Sickness (Fin): “Daemones Sub Terra” tape
  • NA 025 Banish (Idn): “Skkkullfukkking Kkkrucifixxxion” tape SOLD OUT

Related non-label releases

  • D/III Ligeia (US-Ks): “In Death Overshadow Thee” 7″ Ep SOLD OUT
  • CRYPT 35 Nuclear Death – 5 Years Of Death (4×Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition)

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