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Review of Black Mass of Absu un Occult Black Metal ‘zine: 8.5/10

Here it is our first official review!

In  my  opinion  Black  mass  of  Absu where  a  very  great  sounding  mixture  of  raw  black,  atmospheric  doom  metal,  noise  and  ambient  and  if  you  are  a  fan  of  those  musical  genres,  you  should  check  out  this  band.  RECOMMENDED  TRACKS  INCLUDE  “Ave  Sathanas”  “Your  Soul  Belongs  To  The  Goat”  “Servant  Of  The  Darklord”  and  “Satan’s  Supper”.  8/5  out  of  10.

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Black Mass Of Absu update

This is not really an update because I cannot really tell you anything interesting about the constant progress of this release (boring editing stuff), but I can tell you one thing for sure: it’s getting SO FUCKING BIG there is no way I can fit everything in a normal jewelcase with regular booklet. I’ll have either to print a fanzine and send it along the Cd (but separately) or come up with some special packaging. Maybe a DVD case or some kinda digipack that has a booklet glued on one fold. I will work with the layout artist on this one but suggestions are obviously very welcome. Consider we have whole multiple pages of interviews, pictures, flyers and all manners of scans to include. Even a poster won’t be enough to fit everything.

Are you curious now? I am!

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Black Mass Of Absu Cd tracklist

Dear necrotic protoplasms here is a small update on the BMoA discography out on Pulsating Putrefaction. The tracklist is still being rearranged but this should be a complete list of recordings, unless some last minute surprise shows up.

  1. Your Soul Belongs to the Goat
  2. Strangled by the Tail of Lucifer
  3. The Bloody Feast of Our Horned Savior
  4. The Inquisition
  5. Servant of the Darklord
  6. Rise of the Unholy Beast
  7. H.I.V. Infected Blood of Christ
  8. Urine Soaked Purity
  9. Virgin Sodomy & Decapitation
  10.  Vile Odor of Shit
  11. Scrotum Detachment by Meat Cleaver
  12. Burn in Hell (Twisted Sister cover)
  13. Harder Than Goat Feces in Winter
  14. Dark Sword of Abaddon
  15. Satan’s Supper
  16. Ave Sathanas
  17. Shelter
  18. Mercury Thermometer Shattered Within the Urethra of Christ
  19. The Judgement of the False Prophet Jesus Christ by the Justice of Annubis
  20. Purefication in the Precious Flames of Hades
  21. Black Genesis
  22. Dragging the Putrid, Rotted Corpse of Christ From It’s Filthy, Rancid Tomb
  23. Homosexual Orgy On the Gravesite of Alestair Crowley
  24. Trudging to Calvary
  25. Dark Revelation


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AF001 BLACK MASS OF ABSU Discography Cd

Choosing the first release for Pulsating Putrefaction was not an easy deal, but thinking about it nothing could really say filth and noise better than BLACK MASS OF ABSU. For the first time on CD the whole discography of this ultra-noisy and fucked up Black Metal/Noise project born from the mysteriously working brain of Mr Apzu Himself!
The Cd will include every single song recorded by the band taken from the original master tapes. Release date to be announced as soon as possible,

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The label is back – and more

As announced elsewhere, the main label Nuclear Abominations, distributed by Buio Omega, is back on business. Here’s a flyer announcing a few things already being assembled for press. The new online shop as well as several new records for sale will be announced in the next weeks.

In the meantime please have a look at my personal sale list on Discogs (see sidebar).

A new label has been created to release the most un-musical and noisy projects that won’t perfectly fit the spirit on Nuclear Abominations: Pulsating Putrefaction. More infos on both labels on their relative pages.

Subscribe for more news on the labels and distribution (link in the sidebar).