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General Surgery demos – CD

General Surgery original 2004 double EP
General Surgery original 2004 double EP

Hello everyone, horrible rotting zombies.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce the pressing in CD version, for the first time, of the legendary double 7″ that Nuclear Abominations records released back in 2004. After the digital release, a juicy physical format was a predictable consequence as well! As usual, the product will be packaged with the great care that distinguishes all the label’s releases, with original layout by our missed friend Timo Ketola, an OBI strip and so on.

These days all distribution related to releases of Nuclear Abominations and its sublabels is being centralized again and you can take as future reference for wholesale and direct sales this page, the address or the official distributor, BUIO OMEGA.

What about all the other pending releases like Sickness CD and VomitmantiK LP?

As you may have seen there have been putatively slowdowns in pressing due to technical issues, particularly with regard to vinyl. At the moment, however, the release schedule is confirmed and albeit with the usual underground delays, they will all see the light of day. Keep an eye on this page!

General Surgery on Facebook
Bandcamp release

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Pharmacist second press and new limited edition

Phamracist LP

The Pharmacist vinyl was a big success and the first run is almost sold out, so we decided to go for a second pressing, and guess what? It’s almost sold out again! I order to give the band the proper treatment we have decided to make another version of the “diehard” limited edition on killer marbled wax. This time, the limited edition will be also available for distributions and shops so hurry up if you have one and mail for the latest wholesale list.

The first run of the special edition on solid yellow wax is still available, with only 5 copies left, and can be ordered at as well.

Write for more details.

At the pressing plant now: VomitmantiK CD/LP.

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Rotting Flesh and Sickness closing in

Rotting Flesh’s discography is getting closer. It will feature a 18 panels booklet with a shitload of old memorabilia from the band including pictures, flyers and so on. The CD will include both their infamous EPs (7″ and MCD) plus rehearsal and live tracks. This is the ultimate Rotting Flesh release that will be released on LP later this year (we’re already working on it as I am writing these words).

A bundle that includes the CD plus a limited run of t-shirts will be available soon. I am still working on the design but stay assured it’s going to look sick!

On the shop you will also find the new Sickness demo tape. It has been printed on two different colored tapes, if you live in Finland please order the tapes directly from the band. The new tracks are even more complex and savage, you should check them by yourself!

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Rotted LPs available, Sickness second demo incoming

As you might have noticed the Rotted LPs have started shipping: the red edition limited to 98 copies will be only available through this store.

Sickness demo II is also in production, will be here in March. No preorders yet until the factory gives a precise shipping date.

Next ones will be Blasfematorio CD and Rotting Flesh CD, more on that in days to come.

I am moving to a new house by end of May so until then communication might be slower than normal. Sorry in advance.

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Adramelech CD sent to press

Adramelech‘s ultrarare-to-find album “Pure Blood Doom” to be repressed on Nuclear Abominations records with new, remastered sound, and new, improved layout and cover by artist Turkka Rantanen who already drew the original art. Now you can have this little gem of Finnish Death Metal without spending 100+ Euros for an original copy (if you can find one at all, that is) or listening to it in streaming online in shitty quality.  The CD will come with a KUOLOMETALLIA OBI strip as well.

We at Nuclear Abominations HQ (that is, me and the goregoat) have a soft sport for Finnish Death Metal and working with one of the great names in the field is a true honor!

You can hear a sample of the new, improved sound below on the bandcamp link. Full tracks in HQ quality will be unlocked upon physical release date.

Preorder of the Cd and limited bundles that will include full color cover and (few) longsleeves will be available soon on this website.

Labels get in touch for trades.

Vinyl version limited to 400 copies on regular black vinyl, 100 copies on reactor orange/red wax with special packaging also at the press but will be available in late Autumn/early winter.

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Shipping to Oceania

Attention Australian customers

The calculations for shipping to Oceania were broken but have been fixed now.

You can either keep the method you have chosen (Surface Mail, which was the only shipping system proposed by the cart before) or you can write me to cancel your previous order and buy the Cds again.

Thank you.

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Euthanasia promo packages ready

Since Euthanasia is almost here (and Black Mass of Absu is closing in despite some delays) the time is ripe to supply the underground music medias with promos of the release.

Feel free to ask for the promotional package at info @ nuclearabominations . com or please write me if you have any interesting zines/webzines/radio stations to contact for such matters.

Have a good and gory day!