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Black Mass Of Absu Cd tracklist

Dear necrotic protoplasms here is a small update on the BMoA discography out on Pulsating Putrefaction. The tracklist is still being rearranged but this should be a complete list of recordings, unless some last minute surprise shows up.

  1. Your Soul Belongs to the Goat
  2. Strangled by the Tail of Lucifer
  3. The Bloody Feast of Our Horned Savior
  4. The Inquisition
  5. Servant of the Darklord
  6. Rise of the Unholy Beast
  7. H.I.V. Infected Blood of Christ
  8. Urine Soaked Purity
  9. Virgin Sodomy & Decapitation
  10.  Vile Odor of Shit
  11. Scrotum Detachment by Meat Cleaver
  12. Burn in Hell (Twisted Sister cover)
  13. Harder Than Goat Feces in Winter
  14. Dark Sword of Abaddon
  15. Satan’s Supper
  16. Ave Sathanas
  17. Shelter
  18. Mercury Thermometer Shattered Within the Urethra of Christ
  19. The Judgement of the False Prophet Jesus Christ by the Justice of Annubis
  20. Purefication in the Precious Flames of Hades
  21. Black Genesis
  22. Dragging the Putrid, Rotted Corpse of Christ From It’s Filthy, Rancid Tomb
  23. Homosexual Orgy On the Gravesite of Alestair Crowley
  24. Trudging to Calvary
  25. Dark Revelation


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