Musmahhu (Swe): “Formulas of Rotten Death” 7″


Death Metal from Sweden

  • Styles: Death Metal

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The band’s debut recording, MUSMAHHU revolves around super-prolific black metal scene veteran Swartadauþuz, founder of Ancient Records and the mastermind behind Bekëth Nexëhmü, Azelisassath, Urkaos, Trolldom, Mystik, and many others. And while he’s primarily known for bewitching black metal, Swartadauþuz similarly knows how to create swarming, swirling, utterly hideous death metal. Thus, Formulas of Rotten Death is aptly titled: a two-song tornado of sweltering disease and primordial horror, all captured in richly cavernous tones. The same sense of delirium and dementia that marks Swartadauþuz’s other projects manifests itself in MASMAHHU, just transposed onto eternal Metal of Death!
– 300gsm Jacket with matt varnish
– 42g Black Vinyl
– Limited to 500 copies


Iron Bonehead Productions

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