Deiphago ‎(Phi): “Anthology – E.P. And Splits (2006 – 2012)” Cd


  • Styles: Black Metal

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Demo 2006 – Self Released
1 Death To Everything
2 Rapeslay Of The Virgin Mary
3 Sacrifice For Satan
Satan Cult Baphomet – 7″EP (Morbid Moon Records 2008)
4 Intro: Pestilence
5 Satan Cult Baphomet
6 Sadistic Ritual
7 F.O.M.B.M. (Fuck Off Melodic Black Metal) (Sarcofago Cover)
Unreleased Track
8 Heavenly Father (Profanatica Cover)
Beer Extermination Camp LP (Iron Bonehead Productions / Goat Kult Symphonies 2011)
9 Sex, Drinks & Metal (Sarcofago Cover)
XCIII – 7″EP (Hells Headbangers Records 2011)
10 Intro: Damnation
11 Backmask Prayer
12 Hail Mary Inanna
Excharge – Split 7″ With Nuclearhammer (Chalice Of Blood Angel Productions 2011)
13 Punk’s Not Dead (The Exploited Cover)
14 Sex And Violence (The Exploited Cover)
Accept The Mark – Split CD With Ritual Combat (Red Stream 2012)
15 Beast Of Annihilation
16 The Last Slaughter (Sarcofago Cover)


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