Aparthiva Raktadhara ‎(Idn): “Agyat Ishvar” 7″ EP


Abrasive noisy black/death massacre from India

  • Styles: Black Metal, Death Metal

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Hailing from Kalikshetra, from the rising Indian black/death scene that’s spawned fellow IRON BONEHEAD noise terrorists TETRAGRAMMACIDE, APARTHIVA RAKTADHARA create an ultra-violent whirlwind of dread frequencies that somehow manages to sound hallucinatory. In a swift 13 minutes, the power-trio’s opening salvo blasts and twists and swirls with feral, frightening intent; just its sheer, Spartan overload of violence alone is stultifying enough. But within that maelstrom, APARTHIVA RAKTADHARA have carefully cultivated a sort of order from chaos, with occult mathematics seemingly employed to elevate each messy-on-the-surface angularity into a stridently martial attack.


Iron Bonehead Productions

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