Nuclear Abominations rex

Nuclear Abominations is Buio Omega’s internal label and deals with old, sewage sounding Death Metal, Goregrind and Black Metal. Future releases will be announced on the blog.

Next releases

  • NA006 TBC
  • NA007 Dead Fetus (US-Il): “Discography” Cd
  • NA008 Euthanasia (Jap): “Discography” Cd
  • NA009 Rotted (US-Il): “Pestilent Tomb” Lp *planned release date October 2017
  • NA010 Anatomia/Gravesite (Ita/Jap): split 7″ Ep *planned release date September 2017
  • NA011 TBC
  • NA012 Rotting Flesh (Bra): “Mesologic Colliquative Effects Upon The Chronothanatognosis Methods Compendium” Lp
  • NA013 TBC
  • NA014 TBC

Previous releases

  • NA001 Nefas (Ita): “Transfiguration to the Ancient’s Form” Ep Cd
  • NA002 General Sugery (Swe): demos complilation 2×7″ Eps
  • NA003 Karnarium (Swe): “Karnarium” 7″ Ep
  • NA004 Neural Tube Defects (Ita): “Educhate” Cd
  • NA005 Apocalypse Command (US-Fl): “Evil Necromancy” 7″ Ep

Associated releases

  • D/III Ligeia (US-Ks): “In Death Overshadow Thee” 7″ Ep
  • CRYPT 35 Nuclear Death – 5 Years Of Death (4×Vinyl, LP, Compilation, Limited Edition)