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Blasfematorio tracklist announced

Here is the final tracklist for the Blasfematorio Cd. Track eight is unreleased, while the previous ones have appeared on limited edition tapes. Some mixing will be done however, so tracks will sound a bit different (but still beyond RAW.

Blasfemtaorio “Before the Alters Of Death” track List

  1. TerrorGoat 666
  2. Satanic Revenge
  3. Demonic Conflagration
  4. The glory of satan
  5. Liturgies of Blasphemy
  6. Blood of A Bastard Lamb
  7. Satan Crush the Nazarene
  8. Before the Alters Of Death


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Sickness EP and updates

Finally got the full package for the Sickness 7″ release, including all the elements for the layout (and the so far unpublished official logo). Listening to the high definition audio files is like listening to another band. Now we just need to fix compression and a few other details before sending this release to the pressing plant. According to the factory, times for the final delivery are about two months, not including test pressings so don’t expect vinyl before October.

Cds however might get done earlier so stay tuned on news about Blasfematorio and Euthanasia.

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General Update

Mortician shirts are available for sale starting today. They will be delivered from the printer at the end of the month and will ship immediately. If you find some out of stock just ask and we will proceed on ordering a few more if the band agrees.

Euthanasia layout is almost done, we only need liner notes and we’re ready to go.

Almost ready to go here. I have all the necessary elements to complete the layout this week and send the 7″ over to the pressing plant this weekend. The 7″ should be available for sale by the end of September or the first days of October.

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New Nuclear Abominations Cd announced

BLASFEMATORIO plays Black Metal the way we like and think should always be: crude, vulgar, primitive and blasphemous.
The CD will include all the material from the band including bonus material for a total of eight South American gospels of unrefined unholy black/grind.
With songs like “Satanic Revenge” and “The Glory Of Satan” you cannot go wrong.
Stay tuned for more.
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Rotting Flesh “Mesologic Colliquative Effects Upon The Chronothanatognosis Methods Compendium” Lp tracklist

Semi-definitive tracklist for the Rotting Flesh collection has been set.

Enjoy the rot!


Submandible Limphatic Muscles Cd 1995

  • Suppurated Inflammation of Fecal Excretor
  • Unincinerated Inner-Crematorium Furnaces
  • Phlebothrombosis (Intensive Bloodsoacked on Arterial Ducts)
  • Blood Carnage (Human Flesh Exposed)
  • Encephalic Difuse Enema
  • Consumed by Neo-Cannibalistic Worms
  • Thoraco-Abdominal Traumatism…
  • Embryonic Fecundation (Maceration Part II)
  • Bizarre Anti-Putrefaction Embalming
  • Mucouteral Maceration
  • Truculent (Cortuse-Cut) Diembowel

From Infanticious Monstrosities 7″ 1993

  • Manifestation of Chronic Disease
  • Consumed by Neo-Cannibalistic Worms
  • Decomposition of Fetid Limbs
  • Intestinal Virulency
  • Mucouteral Maceration
  • Cerebral Hemorrhage
  • Malignant Pulmonary Cancer

MCD 1994 Adv. tracks

  • Suppurated Inflamation Of Fecal Excretor
  • Encephalic Difuse Edema
  • Kill Your Mother (HELLHOUSE cover)

Live 1993 and rehearsal “Horrorific Atrocities” 1991

  • Thoraco-Abdominal Traumatism.
  • Phlebothrombosis
  • Bloody Carnage (Human Flesh Exposed)
  • Mucouteral Maceration
  • The Human Seed (NUCLEAR DEATH cover)
  • Genital Mutilation
  • Manifestation Of Chronic Disease
  • Intestinal Virulence
  • More Confusion (CONFUSION cover)
  • Bloody Carnage (Rotting Corpses)
  • Cerebral Hemorrhage
  • Exhumation And Bodily Examination
  • Gasping Tits (SEXORCIST cover)
  • Consuming Endoderme Pus (AGATHOCLES cover)
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Euthanasia “Discography 1992-1993” Cd tracklist

Here I am again, restlessly working for the impairment of your hearing.

While the Black Mass Of Absu Cd is getting better every day with the addition of some unexpected new material to add to the formidable booklet (including scans of the mysterious very first demo tape), here is for you the final tracklist for the Euthanasia discography Cd:

“Swarming Maggot” demo ’93
01 – Putrid cadaver
02 – Swarming maggot
03 – Rotting genital
04 – Bloody rejection
05 – Malignant necropsy
“7 tracks demo” demo ’92
06 – Burnt fresh
07 – Rotting genital
08 – Fried lecture
09 – Consume of stomach juice
10 – Amputation of a lobe
11 – Stench of human liver
12 – Vermicide for humanbody
13 – Bloody Rejection
14 – Malignant Necropsy
15 – Sick Joke (DOOM)
16 – Intro – Putrid Cadaver
17 – Rotting Genital
18 – Swarming Maggot
19 – Deceived (Extreme Noise Terror)
20 – Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue (General Surgery, session with GORE BEYOND NECROPSY)
“Live at Ichikawa Club Gio, Aug/22/93”
21 – Intro – Putrid Cadaver
22 – Bloody Rejection
23 – Rotting Genital
24 – Sick Joke (DOOM)
25 – Swarming Maggot
26 – Deceived (Extreme Noise Terror)
27 – Malignant Necropsy

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Euthanasia discography expands

A great release just got better! Apparently the discography will also include an incredibly limited demo from 1992, only 20 copies made! This recording precedes demo #1/1993 and features a minimalist line-up. More details in the booklet along with liner notes from Naru of Butcher ABC (aka Gorepper 5 of CSSO).

Things are getting interesting…

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NA008 EUTHANASIA (Jap) Discography Cd

OK let’s start rolling out some names now. Among the first releases of this new Nuclear Abominations incarnation is actually an obscure, extremely raw Gore/Death Metal band from Japan: EUTHANASIA.
This band released a demo tape in 1993.

I am proud to be releasing this collection of old tracks taken from the infamous demo plus lots of nice extra material including live tracks and a booklet with a lot of juicy details on this short lived project.

Prepare your ears because this is a REALLY raw and repulsive release, fully deserving the Nuclear Abominations Rot Certificate!



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Talking about old fashioned vinyl, seven inchers can’t lack in a good Death Metal label, especially splits, and *especially* between bands like ANATOMIA and GRAVESITE.

Our national eerie Death Metal prides this time meet the disease-ridden legends Anatomia for a gravel dripping split release right out of the tomb.
The best from old tyme sludgly and sewage Death Metal in a wax frame of horrorific decrepitude.

Planned release date: Semptember 2017.

(Gravesite will be touring Europe so you can grab your copy by the band).