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Euthanasia “Discography 1992-1993” Cd tracklist

Here I am again, restlessly working for the impairment of your hearing.

While the Black Mass Of Absu Cd is getting better every day with the addition of some unexpected new material to add to the formidable booklet (including scans of the mysterious very first demo tape), here is for you the final tracklist for the Euthanasia discography Cd:

“Swarming Maggot” demo ’93
01 – Putrid cadaver
02 – Swarming maggot
03 – Rotting genital
04 – Bloody rejection
05 – Malignant necropsy
“7 tracks demo” demo ’92
06 – Burnt fresh
07 – Rotting genital
08 – Fried lecture
09 – Consume of stomach juice
10 – Amputation of a lobe
11 – Stench of human liver
12 – Vermicide for humanbody
13 – Bloody Rejection
14 – Malignant Necropsy
15 – Sick Joke (DOOM)
16 – Intro – Putrid Cadaver
17 – Rotting Genital
18 – Swarming Maggot
19 – Deceived (Extreme Noise Terror)
20 – Slithering Maceration of Ulcerous Facial Tissue (General Surgery, session with GORE BEYOND NECROPSY)
“Live at Ichikawa Club Gio, Aug/22/93”
21 – Intro – Putrid Cadaver
22 – Bloody Rejection
23 – Rotting Genital
24 – Sick Joke (DOOM)
25 – Swarming Maggot
26 – Deceived (Extreme Noise Terror)
27 – Malignant Necropsy

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Entering Streetcleaner Shirts/Studios

Announcing here SS01 Mortician’s “s/t” shirt.

An extremely limited batch of shirts are going to be printed using this new design by Mark Riddick, inspired by this earliest Mortician demo song “Mortician”. The shirts are 100% official and licensed by the band. Design is front and back
– Front – Original Riddick art
– Back – “Mortician” lyrics and logo.

This one just like every future Streetcleaner shirt is printed on top quality cotton and bands are getting royalties for every item sold so these are not going to be same old bullshit cheap bootlegs you can find on auction sites.

Shirts are getting printed in a few days and I will calculate the exact price tags but in the meantime start preordering your own here (no obligations of course), please write PM or email at specifying size, color and country.

Streetcleaner Studios is part of the unholy trinity that also include Nuclear Abominations and Pulsating Putrefaction records, please follow them too,

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Black Mass Of Absu Cd tracklist

Dear necrotic protoplasms here is a small update on the BMoA discography out on Pulsating Putrefaction. The tracklist is still being rearranged but this should be a complete list of recordings, unless some last minute surprise shows up.

  1. Your Soul Belongs to the Goat
  2. Strangled by the Tail of Lucifer
  3. The Bloody Feast of Our Horned Savior
  4. The Inquisition
  5. Servant of the Darklord
  6. Rise of the Unholy Beast
  7. H.I.V. Infected Blood of Christ
  8. Urine Soaked Purity
  9. Virgin Sodomy & Decapitation
  10.  Vile Odor of Shit
  11. Scrotum Detachment by Meat Cleaver
  12. Burn in Hell (Twisted Sister cover)
  13. Harder Than Goat Feces in Winter
  14. Dark Sword of Abaddon
  15. Satan’s Supper
  16. Ave Sathanas
  17. Shelter
  18. Mercury Thermometer Shattered Within the Urethra of Christ
  19. The Judgement of the False Prophet Jesus Christ by the Justice of Annubis
  20. Purefication in the Precious Flames of Hades
  21. Black Genesis
  22. Dragging the Putrid, Rotted Corpse of Christ From It’s Filthy, Rancid Tomb
  23. Homosexual Orgy On the Gravesite of Alestair Crowley
  24. Trudging to Calvary
  25. Dark Revelation


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Mystery update

Things keep happening behind the curtains.

A new co-production is being discussed lately for Nuclear Abominations which is going to be extremely interesting even if a bit expensive (we’re talking about a special” edition, or “diehard” as they call it today), but considering the final product it will be worth investing resources.

A Cd reissue of an old OOP album of crushing Death Metal from a relatively notorius band has been mostly confirmed, The band also had some unexpected notoriety out of the metal scene in Italy, but things will become clearer when it’s announced. We just need to dig up all old material, check precisely about copyrights and verify if a new artwork and some digital mastering is needed. We can consider this project 99% confirmed however and might be inserted into schedule earlier on in 2017.

Also a new spin off of Buio Omega is already confirmed, I am just awaiting for confirmation. It will be a fun change of pace from the regular label/s but I will announce everything hopefully in just a few days.

Sorry for being cryptic, but I have learned the hard way to say cat only when I have it in the sack.

In Gore & Blasphemy.

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Euthanasia discography expands

A great release just got better! Apparently the discography will also include an incredibly limited demo from 1992, only 20 copies made! This recording precedes demo #1/1993 and features a minimalist line-up. More details in the booklet along with liner notes from Naru of Butcher ABC (aka Gorepper 5 of CSSO).

Things are getting interesting…

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AF001 BLACK MASS OF ABSU Discography Cd

Choosing the first release for Pulsating Putrefaction was not an easy deal, but thinking about it nothing could really say filth and noise better than BLACK MASS OF ABSU. For the first time on CD the whole discography of this ultra-noisy and fucked up Black Metal/Noise project born from the mysteriously working brain of Mr Apzu Himself!
The Cd will include every single song recorded by the band taken from the original master tapes. Release date to be announced as soon as possible,

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NA008 EUTHANASIA (Jap) Discography Cd

OK let’s start rolling out some names now. Among the first releases of this new Nuclear Abominations incarnation is actually an obscure, extremely raw Gore/Death Metal band from Japan: EUTHANASIA.
This band released a demo tape in 1993.

I am proud to be releasing this collection of old tracks taken from the infamous demo plus lots of nice extra material including live tracks and a booklet with a lot of juicy details on this short lived project.

Prepare your ears because this is a REALLY raw and repulsive release, fully deserving the Nuclear Abominations Rot Certificate!



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Talking about old fashioned vinyl, seven inchers can’t lack in a good Death Metal label, especially splits, and *especially* between bands like ANATOMIA and GRAVESITE.

Our national eerie Death Metal prides this time meet the disease-ridden legends Anatomia for a gravel dripping split release right out of the tomb.
The best from old tyme sludgly and sewage Death Metal in a wax frame of horrorific decrepitude.

Planned release date: Semptember 2017.

(Gravesite will be touring Europe so you can grab your copy by the band).