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Adramelech CD sent to press

Adramelech‘s ultrarare-to-find album “Pure Blood Doom” to be repressed on Nuclear Abominations records with new, remastered sound, and new, improved layout and cover by artist Turkka Rantanen who already drew the original art. Now you can have this little gem of Finnish Death Metal without spending 100+ Euros for an original copy (if you can find one at all, that is) or listening to it in streaming online in shitty quality.  The CD will come with a KUOLOMETALLIA OBI strip as well.

We at Nuclear Abominations HQ (that is, me and the goregoat) have a soft sport for Finnish Death Metal and working with one of the great names in the field is a true honor!

You can hear a sample of the new, improved sound below on the bandcamp link. Full tracks in HQ quality will be unlocked upon physical release date.

Preorder of the Cd and limited bundles that will include full color cover and (few) longsleeves will be available soon on this website.

Labels get in touch for trades.

Vinyl version limited to 400 copies on regular black vinyl, 100 copies on reactor orange/red wax with special packaging also at the press but will be available in late Autumn/early winter.

4 thoughts on “Adramelech CD sent to press

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  3. Hi,
    i was wondering about the status of the Adramelech vinyl? It seems you have been held up, but i really hope the project is not cancelled!! Please get in touch when you have time.. Thanks and all the best for 2019,

    1. Hi. No definitely not cancelled. I am still waiting for the OBI strip that will come with the first 100 records, however there is still a line for vinyl and before Adramelech there’s Hetsheads and Rotting Flesh, but do not worry, everything is strictly under control!

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